Sermon on the Plain Series

  1.  The Other Beatitudes, a sermon on how the beatitudes in the sermon on the plain offer a radically different vision of life than what we normally adopt. This sermon is based on Luke 6:20-26. Manuscript here.

  2. Unlimited Love, a sermon on hearing Jesus’s words about unlimited love, and learning to tear down the walls that keep us from expanding our capacity to love. The sermon is based on Luke 6:27-36.

3. Do Not Judge. Sounds simple enough, right?  Yet the world still knows the Christian church as condemning and judgmental. We have to go deeper in learning to be gracious people.  This sermon comes from Luke 6:35-42. The manuscript for this sermon is here.

4. Overflow is a sermon about Jesus’s words in Luke 6:43-46, on how the things that are planted in our heart bear fruit, and we live out of the abundance of the heart.

5. Build is the final sermon in this series, and works out of Luke 6:46-49, where Jesus finishes the Sermon on the Plain with the parable of the wise and foolish builders, which is a strong admonition to put the sermon into action.

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