Ad Hoc Sermons

These Sermons aren’t connected with any particular series, but arise out of specific occasions.

Living Resurrection (4-24-11)

This sermon is from Easter Sunday (4/24) 2011, and briefly plays out the differences between the different resurrection accounts in the four gospels, especially giving attention to Mark’s version, found in the shorter ending. The full text of this sermon can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Ad Hoc Sermons”

  1. I really enjoyed your spiritual reflections on Hosea. you mentioned John Fortner and it brought back memories of when i took his wisdom literature course at Harding ; truly a gifted and insightful brother. keep on posting a well spring of knowledge to better prepare the readers for greater spiritual service. thanks

  2. Man, I’ve loved digging into Hosea lately. The word is indeed living and active—it’s got a crazy punch in these texts! Thanks for coming by the blog and commenting!