Most of the sermons I preach at Cedar Lane are posted on the church’s website.

I typically preach through Biblical texts, but occasionally will have a more thematically oriented series.

Kingdom Come (December 2014) is something of an epilogue to the series on Luke.  It looks at snapshots in Acts where the people experience the Kingdom of God just as they had through Jesus in Luke, only now through Jesus’s disciples.

Luke (August 2013-November 2014) A long, slow walk through the gospel of Luke.

Kings (June 2013- July 2013

Paul (May 2013-June 2013)

Living in the Story of God (February -April 2013) The story of God in ten parts, from Creation to Christ’s Return.

Practically Speaking: Proverbs A short series from the book of Proverbs, pursuing the wisdom of God.

James is one of the richest, and too often ignored, texts in the New Testament.  Misunderstood as a simple, non-theological book, this short little text somehow manages to be quite theological and quite practical at the same time.

(The Sermon on the) Plain Nestled in Luke 6 is the little known “Sermon on the Plain”, one of the most incredible sets of Jesus’ teachings.  It’s like the little brother to the sermon on the mount.  It has a lot of the same features, but it’s punchier and more relentless, at least to me. August-September 2010

Elisha OddProphet The Elisha stories are so incredibly odd.  This is a short (3 week) series looking a t a few of the escapades of this odd, odd prophet.  July-August 2010

Exodus Series It’s one of the first books you come to if you’re trying to read through the Bible, but Exodus is still greatly under-appreciated by Christians.  This book is so incredibly pivotal in the faith story of Christians!  June-July 2010

Ad Hoc Sermons, such as sermons for holidays or other seemingly random occasions.   ‎