Slide Design

Man, bad slide design is a plague upon the church.  Ever since ministers discovered powerpoint and its more sophisticated cousins (Keynote!), we’ve jumped into the technology headlong, mostly without taking the time to learn what it means to really use presentation software well.

I’ve inflicted bad designs on the church many a time, but I’m trying to repent of those errors. I try to have some simple graphic work that frames or appropriately places focus on an area for a small amount of large font text. I think the images here make pretty decent slide backgrounds for that type of usage, whether it’s powerpoint, keynote, sliderocket, or some other software running the show.

Textured Heart 1024 x 768 I needed something that wasn’t too pink and cheery.

Small Textured Heart 1024 x 768

Cross 1024 x 768

simple stone cross on the left leaves most of the right side for text

Small Cross 1024 x 768

This is the same design element, but smaller.

Choices 1280 x 720

blurred out white words on a black background, with a small white text area in the center.

Plain 1024 x 728

grassy plain with a white sky for text

1 thought on “Slide Design”

  1. Hi Steven,
    May I use the Textured Heart back ground for a Christian singles page?
    I’ve been searching the internet for hours and this is the only background I really like.