Banner Art

Occasionally I tool around to make stuff like banner art, often for the “featured image” space in blog posts or pages.  I’ve been using Pixelmator to create these images.

fetid text 940×198 positioned for left text area, corroded hebrew text in background.

Horizon 940×198 simple cut field with white sky for text placement.

Hexy 940×198 simple black and white banner, left focus area for white text.

2 thoughts on “Banner Art”

  1. Hey Steven!

    I don’t have your email address so I figured I could send this this way. A friend sent the attached to me and I thought it was good enough to pass on to you. Perhaps you could use it.


    BTW I was thinking about your link on baptism and got to wondering about those that chalk up baptism to “just” symbolism. By the same reasoning couldn’t someone say that it wasn’t *really* Jesus’ shed blood that saves us, its just a symbol. Or, “it’s not *really* Jesus’ death on the cross, its “simply” a symbol”.

    Here’s my “sermon” on baptism. Suppose you have a daughter who
    is of marriageable age. Suppose that a young man has taken interest and is keeping company with her. He comes to you one day and says: You know, I’m really taken by your daughter. And I want you to know that I very interested in her. I am willing to exclude all other women and be faithful to her alone, I’m willing to work and provide for her and any children we have, and I will never abuse her. However, I will not be drug through the the travesty of a marriage. I would like to just pick her up next week and I’ll just take her to my place and we have a non-marraige -“committed’ relationship”.
    Would you have a problem with that? What aspect of the marriage ceremony actually does the marrying? Isn’t it “just” a symbol? Yet we believe in symbols. I walk out of Walmart with a sac of groceries and I’m not arrested “simply” because I gave the clerk symbols called “money”. 55mph is only a symbol. This writing is only in symbols. But symbols ARE relevant, we live and die by them. The Lords calls us to him and yet lays out certain symbols that he says are part and parcel with the step into relational life and covenant with him, Baptism is one of those. Most young fellow understand that to”get the girl” he must marry her, and that the ritual of marriage is part and parcel with it. It won’t be very long before even this comparison will have no meaning as our culture is running pell mell away for marriage itself.

  2. PS
    The marriage ceremony without “faith” is meaningless. One must commit in their heart to the relationship, yet the ceremony is the given symbol through which one “states” that commitment. Or said another way, no one believes the wedding ceremony “causes” a marriage for some call it quits within 24 hours. Yet a marriage without a ceremony, is an oxymoron and misses the mark. I think one other element we forget. Marriage does not belong to us, it belongs to God and through Him, the whole of mankind. When we violate it, it isn’t just our spouse we have wronged. Hence marriages are public things because we are actually entering into a institution of the whole community. As such there are certain elements we are not free to alter. Nuf said…