I love making cool stuff.  I hate making cool stuff, using it once, and then filing it away somewhere, never to see the light of day again.  I’d much rather you use it, too.  If it saves you some time, great.  If it gives you a starting place, and you can hack it up into something better, that’s awesome.

Slide Design

Man, bad slide design is a plague upon the church.  I’ve inflicted bad designs on the church many a time, but I’m trying to repent of those errors.

Banner Art

I feel your pain, ye searcher of good banner art.  You want to dress up the blog with something cool, and it can’t be too generic (or cost a penny).  You rock your google image search all day trying to find just the right piece.  Look, I ain’t promising nothin’, I know the meaning of amateur.  Nonetheless, I’m offering what I got for your perusal.